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Shame (2011)

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Chris Pratt isn’t the only star who hit the gym for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Did you know that sugar is like baby meth? That’s what my homeopath said.

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I can’t fly. I can’t, I can’t…

How do you know? Have you ever tried?

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Hail Hydra

Favorite lines of The Doctor [1/3]
Doctor Who 8.04 “Listen” 

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"[Medium-sized movies] are too risky. If you look at movies like… I guess, All the President’s Men was important enough and based on a big enough transgression. But take a movie like Klute – I don’t think that movie would be made today. I mean, The Godfather would have a hard time being made today. Even if you could put up the $75 million it would take to make that movie today, and you could guarantee that it would be one of the greatest movies of all time, people would still go, “$75 million? I dunno man, that’s a lot of bread…” There are realities to our business. The bottom has fallen out. Dramas that cost more than $20 million, you’re taking a big risk. I think Soderbergh was right. And it’s sad. I think the thing is to make movies cheaper. People are migrating to television to find characters that aren’t spandex-clad superheroes."

- David Fincher, in response to the question Did you see Soderbergh’s speech in San Francisco? He was lamenting the death of medium-sized movies. (via howtocatchamonster)