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house arrest wouldn’t even be a punishment for me

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i wonder how people describe me when they’re talking about me to someone who’s never met me

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Which cast member would be best in a crisis situation? (x)
Gwendoline: Natalie Dormer would take me through the crisis. She’s a rock.
Sophie: Yeah, Natalie’s like a mentor. She’s mama bear.

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Mr. Bean Inserted Into Famous Portrait Paintings by Rodney Pike [via]

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SNL Backstage

Behind the scenes of our Marvel Trailer shoot with Chris Pratt. And ICYMI, you can watch the full sketch here.

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HTTYD 2 DragonsBarf and Belch

The hideous Zippleback is extra tricky. One head breathes gas, the other head lights it. Your job is to know which is which.



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We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pin against us.